Sexual Assault Service Center

Service: Sexual Assault Service Center

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  • (815) 729-0930
  • 168 N Ottawa St, Joliet, Illinois 60432, USA
  • (815) 741-4643

Offered by Guardian Angel Community Services


Available 24/7


Sexual assault often goes unreported. Many victims never tell anyone about the assault. This is not because they are unaffected by it, rather it is because they are so deeply affected. Frequently victims believe that the violence perpetrated against them was their fault. They have feelings of shame, guilt, anger and isolation. Often they feel too embarrassed to talk about the attack, even to the people closest to them.

The Sexual Assault Service Center is available to help survivors of sexual violence and their significant others. SASC offers a 24 hour hotline, individual and group counseling (adults & children), legal and medical advocacy, prevention education, and community presentations.

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